About UrgentCare.com

UrgentCare.com (a HealthNetwork Company) is focused on bringing consumers the very best information and streamlined access to urgent care centers, nationwide. In addition to providing its core urgent care location services, UrgentCare.com is also working diligently to provide its members with access to discounted services from the network of urgent care centers listed on the website, along with discounts on prescription drugs from tens of thousands of participating pharmacies and retail locations across the country.

About HealthNetwork: HealthNetwork, the fastest growing healthcare marketing company in the United States and the parent company of UrgentCare.com, credits its rapid success to its focus on improving every aspect of the consumer healthcare experience. The company reaches more than 20 million healthcare seeking consumers each year and is partnered with many of the most prominent companies within the healthcare ecosystem. For more information about Health Network, please visit HealthNetwork.com.

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