How Telemedicine Services Can Treat Super Lice?

Getting the dreaded note from your child’s teacher at school informing you that your child has or may have lice is one of every parent’s worst nightmares, but in 2015 that nightmare got worse with the news that there is a new breed of the pesky insects called “Super Lice”. For your garden variety lice, you wouldn’t necessarily need to take your child to the doctor’s office, lice are easily identified by the obvious symptom of head scratching and visually by inspecting the scalp and hair for the little white nits (eggs) that stick to the hair follicles.

The treatment of lice typically involves over-the-counter home (OTC) remedies and medications, but now comes this new strain of lice that is resistant to the over-the-counter treatments called “super lice”. For the treatment of super lice, you will need to receive a prescription from a doctor.

One of the important elements in ridding your child of lice and keep it from spreading throughout your household is to get treatment quickly. But, it’s not always easy to get an immediate appointment with a doctor these days unless it’s something serious. A telemedicine video chat doctor’s appointment can get your child seen face-to-face by a U.S. board certified physician from the state you live in, typically in less than one-hour day or night seven days a week.

Registering online with a telemedicine company is painless and takes just minutes. You will answer some health history questions, insurance information, if you choose, simply because today more and more telemedicine services are being covered under health insurance plans, primary care doctor information and any specialists you may have seen, and any allergies to medications you may have. This same information is required for any family member you wish to register. Once your telemedicine registration is complete the only other thing you will need to get started is a computer or to add a free mobile phone device app to allow you and your video chat doctor to have a face-to-face consultation.

In just minutes the telemedicine doctor can diagnose the lice, begin the treatment plan and prevent the lice from becoming an infestation throughout your household.

How A Video Chat Doctor Will Treat Super Lice?

The doctor you have selected through the telemedicine company you have chosen will have a face-to-face video chat with you in the same way you would as if you were present in a doctor’s office. The doctor may ask you some questions regarding symptoms and visually assess as best as possible virtually of you or your child’s appearance in terms of scalp and hair. Provided that through the doctor’s assessment, in which you may asked to participate in, i.e. examining your child’s hair and then the doctor makes a diagnosis of head lice you will be given a treatment plan.

Typically head lice are treated with over-the-counter (OTC) specific shampoo designed to eradicate adult lice and their eggs. If due to the video chat examination the doctor suspects that this may be a case of “super lice” your doctor will also prescribe prescription medication(s). If prescription medication(s) are required, the doctor will send the prescription directly to the pharmacy of your choice for immediate pick-up.

What Information You Will Need to Have Ready for The Doctor?

It is always a smart thing to prepare a list of questions you may have for the doctor as well as when the symptoms first began and what they are; include any symptoms you or your child may be experiencing even if you think they are unrelated to head lice such as fever, neck stiffness, diarrhea, rash and the like. Take your or your child’s temperature just before or during your video chat consultation. Have your nearest local pharmacy information handy in case the doctor needs to call in a prescription for you.

What Kind of Resolution Can I Expect from The Doctor?

You can expect a thorough face-to-face video chat examination from a U.S. board certified physician that is licensed in the state you live or are presently located in. The doctor will provide you with a diagnosis and opinion within minutes after your consultation to speed recovery and present a comprehensive treatment plan to effect a cure for your condition. The doctor will explain your diagnosis and treatment plan in terms you can understand and prescribe any prescription medications he or she deems necessary to eliminate the lice. Should the diagnosis be “super lice” the doctor will prescribe the necessary prescription medication needed to eradicate them and call or electronically send the prescription(s) to the local pharmacy of your choice.

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