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Promising Options in Increasing Hopes of Pregnancy for Midlife Women

Promising Options in Increasing Hopes of Pregnancy for Midlife Women

San Francisco, California – Gwen Stefani, 45, and a famous singer delivered her baby a few months ago, thus, it might have given increasing hopes of pregnancy for midlife women. Many people are aware that women’s fertility begins to decline as they reach 30, although only a few realizes that between 38 and 42, the chances of a possible pregnancy may drop to less than 10%.

Through the In Vitro Fertilization (IVF), many patients can have high chances of having a baby. The IVF is a process in which the eggs are harvested, and then fertilized with the sperm within a laboratory or an urgent care clinic, before transferring to the uterus. However, the method could not overcome the impact of egg’s age. Women are born with all the eggs they could have and use them up eventually, unlike in men who continuously produce sperm.

Additionally, the egg’s quality declines as women age. While women reach the age of 42, 80% of their eggs will have chromosomal abnormalities, resulting in miscarriage or failure of misconception. Furthermore, preimplantation genetic screening could be helpful in determining these chromosomal abnormalities in the embryo before transferring to the uterus, increasing the odds of normal embryos, while decreasing the risk of miscarriage, thus, increasing hopes of pregnancy for midlife women. This urgent care or technique, however, could require a huge amount of eggs.

Another urgent care near me, a promising opportunity is to freeze the eggs for impending IVF cycles, only for a woman who wants to put her motherhood on hold, and one who is in her 30s.

Promising Options in Increasing Hopes of Pregnancy for Midlife Women The Fertility Preservation Program began at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF) ten years ago, which was designed for cancer patients who become infertile because of their life-saving cancer treatments. Approximately half of the patients have not had cancer, preserving their eggs and delaying their fertility for some social reasons.

The process of vitrification has been increasing hopes of pregnancy for midlife women. Those who stored their frozen eggs before they could turn 35, had more than 50% chance of conceiving once they decide in the near future.

Egg freezing in urgent care clinics is a new technique, but is unlikely for women in their 40s. The eggs from younger women could be the most feasible way for women in their 40s to have a baby. Studies indicated that the success of pregnancy is based on the egg’s age, not the uterus.

At the UCSF clinic, 71% of women who went through an IVF cycle using donor eggs have had live births, indicating the increasing hopes of pregnancy for midlife women; however, IVF is costly and not covered by the majority of insurance plans, making it exorbitant for many patients.

New Ruling for NYC Pro-life Pregnancy Centers Under Dispute

New Ruling for NYC Pro-life Pregnancy Centers Under Dispute

New York, New York – Convincing expectant mothers in New York City (NYC) to give their unborn children a life had become very expensive after a United States high court decision, ordering pro-life pregnancy centers in posting notices at their centers and advertising their licensed medical personnel at work.

The Supreme Court refused to hear an NYC ordinance case, allowing the Second Court of Appeals ruling to stand. The NYC ordinance forces pro-life pregnancy centers to post notices at their centers and to advertise whether they have a licensed medical personnel at work. The ruling also applies even to urgent care clinics or facilities, which only provide pro-life counseling and sonograms.

New Ruling for NYC Pro-life Pregnancy Centers Under DisputeThe head of NYC-based EMC Frontline Pregnancy Centers Chris Slattery said disrespecting the law could become very costly. He said a $2,500 fine will be imposed in every offense, that a center is required to pay for violating the law. Every urgent care clinic or facility that fails to comply with the necessary medical supervision, or to disclose such info on ads and websites, signages both inside and outside the office, on the phone, or even in person will have to pay $2,500. Slattery emphasized abortion clinics in NYC are not forced to post anything, if they could be an urgent care near me, or about what they are offering and which ones are not.

After the court decision, Slattery started to hire nurses so as to meet the law requirements. He said finding volunteer nurses were difficult, so his office was left without a choice but to pay their services. Additionally, his center has been making new arrangements in finding doctor partners so as to provide medical supervision. Slattery said these efforts are made so that his entire facility can continue providing urgent care and reach thousands of abortion-minded women. Nearly 38% of all NYC pregnancies end in abortion.

The American Center for Law and Justice senior counsel Ce Ce Heil said that a clear message has been delivered to the other side. Attorney Heil pointed out that there is nothing or no one that can dictate pro-life pregnancy centers on what they can say or cannot about contraception and abortion. Thus, they should not be forced to speak the government’s position or the city’s position.

One of Alliance Defending Freedom’s attorneys, Elissa Graves have also argued the law, saying it’s unconstitutional and the ruling must go back down to the lower courts for the case’ full resolution, before it could go back to the Supreme Court in the future. Graves added that the ruling violated the freedom of speech specifically that of pro-life pregnancy centers rights.

Health Experts Recommend Flu Vaccine Among Expectant Mothers

Health Experts Recommend Flu Vaccine Among Expectant Mothers

Little Rock, Arkansas – The state department of health, warns people of the current flu season, reminding everyone of the importance of vaccinations, most especially the significance of flu vaccine among expectant mothers.

Frequently, pregnant women need to visit urgent care clinics and consult with their physicians. They oftentimes monitor their conditions, considering their health as well as the health of their unborn child. Pregnancy is a very fragile health state among women as they carry delicate lives within their wombs. Thus, they need a lot of preventive care so as to keep them away along with their fetuses from any diseases, especially the fatal ones.

Currently, it is the colds and flu season as winter has finally arrived. With that in mind, the Arkansas health department is reminding everyone of the importance of flu vaccinations, mainly the importance of flu vaccine among expectant mothers.

Health Experts Recommend Flu Vaccine Among Expectant MothersEach year, more than 200,000 individuals are hospitalized and admitted to their nearest urgent care clinic due to influenza viral infections. Just the previous year, Arkansas had recorded the highest number of fatalities in more than 30 years, with 76 deaths caused by influenza. One of them was an expectant mother.

During the winter, and the colds and flu season, pregnant women should provide themselves an urgent care near me relief, facility, or any other health resource they could get for protection from viruses, bacteria, and many other harmful microorganisms. In fact, they must protect themselves from any sickness, not only throughout the winter season, wherein colds and flu are prevailing, but throughout their pregnancy.

Doctor Nate Smith, state health director, said children younger than six months are not able to get flu shots. Their immune systems are still immature, so as to respond to the vaccine. However, Smith emphasized, flu vaccine among expectant mothers is much more possible, allowing those antibodies to be passed on towards the unborn child. Additionally, the baby will be delivered with protection.

The state health department pointed out that the issue about influenza should be given immediate attention and urgent care as it could be fatal without immediate and proper treatment. Thus, it will be best to take preventive care and precautionary measures against any infections.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists, together with the United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) strongly recommend flu vaccine among expectant mothers, urging them to get the flu shot since it is always available and safe in any trimester.

Drinking While Pregnant Can Already Be Considered a Crime

Drinking While Pregnant Can Already Be Considered a Crime

London, United Kingdom – Activists are already suggesting a move for the government to consider drinking while pregnant a crime.

This is due to the rapid increase of children born with deficiencies due to irresponsible mothers. Urgent care clinics have been attending to more and more birth defects because of the mother’s exposure to such vices. In England, there was a record of 252 cases of Foetal Alcohol Syndrome in just a span of two years.

To avoid further problems, protesters are also looking out to ban both drugs and alcohol for expectant mothers.

The Problem That the Activists Have to Face

Drinking While Pregnant Can Already Be Considered a CrimeDespite all the good intentions to keep the babies inside the womb safe and provide urgent care, activists may have little chances to win the case. This is because there are not enough proofs to link drinking while pregnant to the diseases of the unborn.

There could be several factors that could affect the health of the baby. Until they prove that there is a direct link to alcoholism, protesters will have to deal with the status quo. Plus, there are already proven benefits from alcoholic drinks. Even an urgent care near me will tell you that a glass of wine could be good for your heart. They will have to be very clear when drawing the line between alcoholism and drinking alcohol just for its benefits.

It Will Be a Domino Effect for the Other Behaviors During Pregnancy

Criminalizing these women will also lead to several other questions. Those who will create poor choices whenever they get pregnant will also have the chance to be incriminated for the sole basis that they caused defects to the baby.

One of the activities that could be on the line if this law is passed is the choice of how the child will be brought out to the world – C-section or normal. Drinking while pregnant will be a questionable act but the bigger question still remains, should mothers be incriminated for poor choices?

Some argue that they need all the respect and care during this time of their life and putting them to jail for this will not help. There could be better ways to handle the matter.

There are still a lot to be settled before this rule can be found in any every wall of every urgent care clinic. Drinking while pregnant could be wrong in some point but these lawmakers should be very clear in drawing the lines.

Pregnant Worker Asked for Overtime at Work, But Ended in Termination

Pregnant Worker Asked for Overtime at Work, But Ended in Termination

Queens, New York – Angelica Valencia, 39 years of age, and 3 months pregnant was advised by her doctor not to take overtime at work, but her boss said she’s being terminated due to pregnancy.

All expectant mothers frequently need consultations and checkups at urgent care clinics with their attending doctors, considering their delicate conditions. Pregnant workers on the other hand, are provided with special regulations when it comes to their workplace.

Pregnant Worker Asked for Overtime at Work, But Ended in TerminationAs with Valencia’s case, her doctor advised her not to take overtime at work, only 8 hours is required. She works on the Fierman Produce Exchange, a potato-packing plant. Every day, she departs from Queens to Bronx, a two-hour commute in order to work.

After her doctor’s advice, she was very worried about her boss’ response towards it, as the advice indicated no overtime, and considering the busy season at work, which naturally required workers to work overtime. The doctor’s advice was an urgent care for the pregnant woman, and based on her past miscarriage.

Additionally, this month is the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act anniversary, a bill which was signed into a law on October 2, 2013 by the previous mayor Michael R. Bloomberg. The law has been effective since January and represented a significant step for working women. The law required employers to make reasonable accommodations for their pregnant workers like rest, water breaks, light duties, and modified schedules as a sort of an urgent care near me facility among them.

This year, the Commission on Human Rights officials, who implements the law have been discussing through an urgent care clinic meeting with nurses, doctors, union representatives, and business groups in order to ensure that pregnant workers are aware of their rights, while employers are aware of their obligations.

However, Valencia claimed her employer did not inform her of her rights, although it was required. In fact, she was unaware of such law. She informed her supervisors about her high-risk pregnancy, but was told she should work without restrictions. In August, she said her supervisors asked her to take overtime at work, but felt ill after two long shifts.

The company operations manager Bob Ferla, in a response letter indicated that Valencia is no longer allowed to continue working, asking for a ‘full-duty release’ from Valencia’s doctor if she wishes to continue.

Dina Bakst, co-president of ‘A Better Balance’, and the representation of Valencia said she’s hoping that her client will recoup the lost wages. On the other hand, Ferla was reached through a phone call, but declined to comment on the issue. Valencia’s case, which started from overtime at work requirement, and ended with job termination, is believed to have been a violation of the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act.

Exercising and Eating Well – Vital Towards a Healthy Pregnancy

Exercising and Eating Well – Vital Towards a Healthy Pregnancy

Rochester, New York – Exercising and eating well are major parts of achieving a healthy pregnancy.

Expectant mothers frequently need visits to urgent care clinics, considering the fragility of their conditions. Pregnant women and their unborn child must get proper health attention, urgent care, and immediate treatment if needed.

Additionally, both exercising and eating well are key elements in achieving an overall healthy pregnancy. Health experts said those who were not used to exercising can learn how once they get pregnant. During pregnancy, essential vitamins and minerals are obtained by the unborn child through the mother, so is a physically healthy baby that develops when the mother exercises regularly.

Nicole Teta, 7 and a half months pregnant has exercised throughout her pregnancy. She said she walks every single day, thinking that is the key towards the health of her entire pregnancy. Teta also said that she never wanted to gain excessive, thus, walking everyday was the only way to prevent weight gain. Daily walking was considered by Teta as her urgent care near me from gaining weight, saying that she walks 15 to 20 minutes every day, either before or after work.

Exercising and Eating Well – Vital Towards a Healthy PregnancyDoctor Danielle Rooney, an Obstetrician/Gynecologist (OB/GYN) said exercising is safe for pregnant women. Rooney also stated that even those who had not exercised during the start of their pregnancy can start anytime, saying that it’s also safe for them.

Dr. Rooney said exercising should be avoided in some cases, wherein maternal issues are present like asthma, bleeding, respiratory disorders, hypertensive disorder, and preterm labor. However, moderate levels of exercise such as jogging, Pilates, or yoga would do well. Expectant mothers should always consult with their respective physicians in an urgent care clinic, determining the most appropriate physical activity for them.

Additionally, the body position is as important as the level of exercise. Rooney pointed out that exercises wherein the person is required to lie flat on her back is not advisable. Such as body position has the tendency to increase the heart rate, although staying under 150 degrees will still be safe, while a little lower for patients who are in their late 30s or over 40s. Expectant mothers who are at risk of gestational diabetes can go upper than 150, thus, obtaining a healthy pregnancy is always the key.

Achieving a healthy pregnancy is not only maintaining healthy eating and regular exercise, but also keeping away from diseases like gestational diabetes with symptoms, including increased thirst, frequent urination, blurred vision, and increased hunger.

A Woman’s Breast Cancer During Pregnancy Journey

A Woman’s Breast Cancer During Pregnancy Journey

Glen Burnie, Maryland – A woman named Amber Blose battles against breast cancer during pregnancy.

At 31, Blose was diagnosed with breast cancer, news from her doctor that sounded like a flat-line noise, she said. She lost her son, Cameron, a little over a year ago. Cameron was 4 months premature, and passed away after 9 days. She and her husband Chris Blose, tried to get pregnant again based on her gynecologist’ advice.

All the while, she thought her pregnancy and her baby were in good health, but discovered the lump in her right breast was cancer. Another journey began as she started battling breast cancer during pregnancy, both conditions which need urgent care and adequate attention.

Blose thought Cameron’s death was the biggest tragedy she would ever face, but this time, it’s different. That was not a free pass in her life, since a month after saying those words; she felt an odd thing in her breast.

But that didn’t stop her from doing anything that needs to be done. Instead, with a help of a friend, she wrote about her entire life experience through blog called ‘SurviveBer’, derived from ‘survivor’ and ‘Amber’. The blog, she believes, will serve as an urgent care near me among women like her, or those going through any hardships in life.

At Anne Arundel Medical Center, an urgent care clinic, Blose had her surgery, opting for a lumpectomy than removing the whole breast. She hoped of nursing a child someday.

A Woman’s Breast Cancer During Pregnancy JourneyAlong with her husband Chris, they went to consult with a fertility specialist, considering cancer treatments may cause early menopause. Her journey against breast cancer during pregnancy required her weeks of fertility hormone injections. Thus, she went through a minor surgery in order to extract the eggs.

On September 18, 2012, Amber was ready for her 16-week chemotherapy, including prescriptions for anti-nausea. During that journey, one of her biggest worries was going bald, but her friends helped her overcome that.

On October 12, 2012, she began her chemotherapy. Although feeling foggy, Amber began with her blog. On November, clumps of her hair fell out. At times, Amber would curl up and cry, but Chris tried to keep everything together.

Despite those tough moments, her husband served as the rock, providing his wife the support she needed, since it was not all about urgent care clinics and emergency departments Amber needed throughout her breast cancer during pregnancy journey.

APPC Indicates Teen Pregnancy Rate in NC Dropped by 11%

APPC Indicates Teen Pregnancy Rate in NC Dropped by 11%

Raleigh, North Carolina – Updated records indicate teen pregnancy rate in North Carolina dropped by 11% in 2013.

The teen pregnancy rate in NC has indicated an 11% drop last year. Young ladies between 15 and 19 were involved in the evaluation. The records also indicated that the updated rate was less than a half compared to the records in 2000. The annual report was based on NC’s Adolescent Pregnancy Prevention Campaign (APPC).

Teen pregnancy needs urgent care and attention, not only from parents, but also with the help of corresponding agencies. Young girls should be provided with proper sexual education, and a sort of an urgent care near me, which they can rely on in any circumstances, especially throughout their adolescent years.

NC’s APPC records showed that in 2013, there were 11,360 reported pregnancies involving girls aged 10 to 19. Meanwhile, the 2007 records showed 20,019 pregnancies. The figures were also based on the State Center for Health Statistics. Additionally, NC has the highest teen pregnancies ranked as the 20th nationwide.

Records also showed that the teen pregnancy rate during the late 1980s and the early 1990s were the highest. However, the campaign only shows records until 1984. Since then, teen pregnancies have steadily dropped, except for the 2004 to 2007 records with a momentary surge.

Moreover, abortion rates among teenagers significantly dropped as well. Nearly 19% of pregnant teens opted for abortion last year compared to the 40% in 1980s.

APPC Indicates Teen Pregnancy Rate in NC Dropped by 11%Officials said the curbed pregnancy rate is associated with birth control methods. APPC strategic communications director Elizabeth Finley said the rate is likewise attributed to more teenagers who are waiting longer to have sexual interactions, up until they are older. Thus, urgent care clinics and agencies should help in assisting and educating teens about all issues concerning teen pregnancy.

Finley emphasized their gratitude towards the recent numbers, indicating that their efforts have exceeded their goal faster than expected. However, they still notice some disparities.

Teen pregnancy rates among African-American and Hispanic teenagers are nearly double the rate of white teen girls statewide. Rates were recorded at 57.9 per 1,000 Hispanic teens, while 49.2 per 1,000 African-American teenagers, and 24.7 for white teens.

The campaign, which can also serve as an urgent care clinic for teens, also aims at looking at the inequality in sexual education, as well as to their access towards health care. Finley added that her agency will evaluate which area to focus their efforts on, so as to continually reduce or eliminate the current teen pregnancy rate statewide.

Advocates Continue to Educate Young Ladies About Teen Pregnancy

Advocates Continue to Educate Young Ladies About Teen Pregnancy

Niagara Falls, New York – Advocates like Vanessa Scott talks about teen pregnancy, educating young girls about the issue as she experienced it at the age of 16.

Scott said she has been using her experience in helping women with their issues. She reiterated that women are in every issue, and women is for every woman, whether it’s all about rape or abuse, as many women have been through such plight.

Scott initiated the God’s Woman Vanessa Scott Outreach Ministries a decade ago. The organization was founded to help girls, young ladies, and adult women on large-scale perspective. At first, Scott started a shelter for the homeless, providing an urgent care near me facility for women. Just two years back, she realized that something more has to be done, primarily in preventing the issue of homelessness. Thus, she was able to identify the root of such problem, which is teen pregnancy.

Advocates Continue to Educate Young Ladies About Teen Pregnancy She added young ladies need urgent care and attention, and that they must be aware how precious they are. Through the ministry, Scott along with her sister has been providing the Naomi Ruth Debutante Mentorship, a program for young girls between 5 and 21. The program teaches the young girls about personal hygiene, domestic violence, self-confidence, and sexual education among other issues.

The group serves as an urgent care clinic and a faith-based organization for young women. Abstinence is the ministry’s top priority in its teachings, although the mentors still educate women on safe sex practices. Scott emphasized that it’s not all about getting pregnant because there are other issues to discuss like herpes, AIDS, and other sexually-transmitted diseases, which can change a woman’s entire life.

Niagara’s Family and Children’s Service stated that teen pregnancy is among the highest-rated issues in the state. Jeff Wierzbicki, the Family and Children’s Service youth director said out of 1,000 pregnancies, 128 of which are teen births. The director pointed the figure is not expected to decrease very soon.

Additionally, the youth director said the agency is working on an entire youth generation in order to transform what has been accepted in their respective families, communities, and schools. These young women should also be aware of institutions, organizations, and ministries that may serve as their urgent care clinics regardless their issues.

Scott further emphasized that women should know their importance, so that the ongoing issue of teen pregnancy will be reduced, and the ministry will work on it no matter how long it may take.

New Research: Pregnant Women’s Immune Response to Flu Is Stronger

New Research: Pregnant Women’s Immune Response to Flu Is Stronger

Palo Alto, California – A new research study found that immune response to flu tends to strengthen during pregnancy.

Expectant mothers always need an urgent care near me relief or assurance every now and then, considering the fragility of their conditions. Pregnant women do not just consider their overall health, but also the wellness of their unborn child. Thus, they often visit urgent care clinics in monitoring or regulating their fetuses’ and their health conditions.

Pregnant women are believed to get sick easily, getting flu compared to non-pregnant and healthy adults. But, a new research study suggested that pregnant women’s immune response to flu tends to be stronger, fighting off influenza more efficiently than those who are not conceiving, or prior to their conception. The findings are certainly surprising for many since the majority of people thought that pregnant women’s immune responses are weakened during their pregnancy.

New Research: Pregnant Women’s Immune Response to Flu Is StrongerThe study was conducted by researchers from the Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital and Stanford University School of Medicine. The study was considered as a one of a kind research work, analyzing the reaction of pregnant women’s immune cells to influenza viruses. Thus, the findings were published online, through the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.

The study involved 21 expectant mothers and 29 healthy, non-pregnant women. The researchers gathered immune cells from the two groups. Thus, the participants were exposed to different flu viruses within a controlled lab environment. The immune cells of the pregnant women were likewise examined six months after their conception. The researchers studied the immune response to flu, specifically the pandemic H1N1 and H3N2.

Within the urgent care clinic of the researchers, they compared the immune cells of the two groups. They found that H1N1 caused the pregnant woman’s natural killer to produce more chemokines and cytokines. Their T cells also helped in the production of these substances, which are helpful in drawing other immune cells towards an infection site.

Doctor Catherine Blish, the senior study author said she was surprised by their discovery. She emphasized the better understanding of influenza during pregnancy is a hyperinflammatory infection instead of an immunodeficiency state. She explained that the urgent care and treatment of flu to be employed during pregnancy will be modifying the immune response rather than treating or preventing the viral replication. Pregnant women’s immune response to flu was proven to be stronger and tends to strengthen compared to non-pregnant, healthy adults.