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Professionals Concentrates on Mental Health of Army Kids

Professionals Concentrates on Mental Health of Army Kids

Washington DC – At the Association of the United States Army Annual Meeting in Washington, retired and associate director of the study of Traumatic stress Col. Steve Cozza talked about the mental health of army kids.

According to the mental health and education experts, army kids have higher risks for mental disorders, but they are also incredibly resilient. Dr. Paula K. Raunch, director of a program with the Red Sox Foundation and Massachusetts General Hospital said that the parents and their teachers at school are most likely to recognize the problem. This is because they are the ones who interact with the kids frequently and they are those who provide urgent care for the children.

Professionals Concentrates on Mental Health of Army KidsDuring a Family Forum Presentation at the United States Army Annual Meeting, Raunch stated that the ‘parents are the experts on their own kids’. This is because they know their kids better than anyone else and they can identity easily if the kids are displaying abnormal behavior. She also said that something that would look simple can actually be traumatic for some kids so they might have to be taken to urgent care clinics. The parents should not expect that their children would act the same way they would in similar situations. They may not even realize that their kids need help until it is too late, Raunch said.

According to a recent study made, teenage children of military men have higher suicidal thoughts than other kids of their age with parents not employed as armies. Raunch said that there is a shortage of mental health services nationwide and there are only few urgent care clinic options making the problem of providing mental health care for army kids a huge problem.

Commander of Dunham Health Clinic in Pennsylvania Col. Rebecca Porter said that telebehavioral health has become more accessible which in part balances the shortage of mental health services for children. She added that the Army’s Surgeon General is adding family and child behavioral health services to its line of services over the next few years.

While kids of soldiers face greater challenges and stressors because of their different lifestyle compared to other children, no one should be looking at them as victims, retired Col. Steve Cozza stated. They should not be taken right away to an urgent care near me in case they show abnormal behaviors. He added that the military lifestyle of the kids is actually not something to put them down because it provides them a lot of advantages.

Soldiers found the resiliency training of the program as something very helpful and they’re requested for the same program for the army kids working with them to help enhance their skills and learn more enhancement skills.

Keith VandeBerg Who Killed Wife Gets Released from Mental Institution

Keith VandeBerg Who Killed Wife Gets Released from Mental Institution

Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin – The sons of the Rosendale man Keith VandeBerg who killed his wife say that the mental health system of the government has failed them by releasing him from commitment to a mental institution.

After years from court-ordered mental health commitment, VandeBerg, 66 years old, was set free on Saturday into the Madison community according to his lawyer Mark Hazelbaker. The lawyer said that his client was found not guilty of the crime because of his mental illness going back to the shooting death of his wife Terrie in 1998. VandeBerg was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia around three years earlier before the shooting incident.

The family of the Rosendale man was advised then that he would be spending his whole life confined in a mental health urgent care clinic.

According to one of his three sons Chad VandeBerg, the rights of his mother have been trampled and hearing about his father’s release from the mental health commitment ordered by the court came as a shock to the family. He added that instead of living with justice, they are now living in fear.

The youngest of the sons of Keith VandeBerg, Daniel, agreed with the statement of his elder brother trusting that his father has to live in a controlled environment like mental health centers or urgent care clinics to make sure that everyone will be safe.

Keith VandeBerg Who Killed Wife Gets Released from Mental InstitutionDaniel VandeBerg also added that he his brothers do not want to have anything to do with their father after all they’ve been through. He said that his father was not religiously taking his prescription which was a struggle that their mother and the rest of the family had with the man.

Meanwhile, Keith VandeBerg will be supervised by an urgent care clinic near me or by a community treatment program according to The Reporter Media. The man plans to live alone now that he’s out of urgent care as stated by his attorney Hazelbaker. He will also stay under the state’s control for the rest of his life since a criminal commitment should last as long as the punishment for the crime.

After the death of Terrie VandeBerg, the family said that his husband suspects that his wife was having an affair with another man. When asked by the police what happened, he told them that he already stopped taking his meds.

Keith VandeBerg hopes and prays that one day his family, especially is sons, will be will to talk to him again, Hazelbaker stated.

Washington Court Ruled Insurers to Review Mental Health Denials

Washington Court Ruled Insurers to Review Mental Health Denials

Washington, USA – Insurance companies are forced to review mental health denials beginning 2006 and inform their customers about the reconsideration of their claims.

Health insurance companies in Washington state are required to review mental health denials, identifying any policyholder who had been denied of mental health services, considering the January 1, 2006 blanket exclusion. Insurers are also required to notify such policyholders of their rights to the re-evaluation of their claims.

Mental health services are typically for clients with mental health issues or any behavioral conditions, who need urgent care ad immediate treatment. Thus, they obtain insurance plans and policies as their urgent care near me protection or coverage.

Recently, the Supreme Court of Washington State ruled that the State Mental Health Parity Act indicates that insurers are prohibited to use mental health services blanket exclusions since these services might be medically necessary.

Mike Kreidler, insurance commissioner, said the Washington court ruled asserted on behalf of consumers. He intends to see that insurance companies doing business within the state comply with the decision.

Kreidler expects insurers to review mental health denials, thoroughly reviewing all insurance holders who may have past and current claims that were affected by the decision. He also expects that process starts immediately.

Washington Court Ruled Insurers to Review Mental Health DenialsThose with mental health and behavioral problems oftentimes visit urgent care clinics for medications or treatments, considering the severity and complications that may occur when such health conditions are ignored.

The Mental Health Parity Act applies to large-employer plans as of January 1, 2006, while as of January 1, 2008, the act applies to individual-employers and small-employer health plans.

Aside from notifying the affected policyholders, the insurance commissioner is also requiring the insurance companies to gather and report in his urgent care clinic. By March 1, 2015, Kreidler wants the state insurers to report to his office on the quantity of notices sent to customers, as well as the number of customers who want re-evaluation of their claims or request an appeal. Reports will also include results of each claim that was re-evaluated.

Plan holders who suspect they are affected by the court’s ruling, or those with queries about their coverage, and have had previous mental health service claims, which were denied, must file a complaint or get in touch with the commissioner’s office.

Policyholders with claims that require re-evaluation or reconsideration should be contacted by their respective health insurers, informing them that the insurer will review mental health denials or any claim by the year-end.

Planning Commission Disagrees to Mental Health Facility Plans

Planning Commission Disagrees to Mental Health Facility Plans

Roanoke, Virginia – A mental health facility proposal is continuously causing a stir in Virginia’s Northwest Roanoke County.

The meeting of the Roanoke County Planning Commission was a fully packed house last Monday night wherein many expressed their concerns regarding the proposal that involves mental urgent care.

Intercept Youth Services is planning to construct a mental health facility in the previous location of the office building of Advance Auto Parts along 5637 Airport Road. Existing building facilities are planned to be for offices while the new construction will be for short-term stay with a total of 60 beds urgent care clinic facility.

To be able to achieve this, Intercept Youth Services are required to acquire a permit and also an approval of re-zoning. As of the moment, urgent care clinics cannot be constructed on the said property because it is currently zoned to be an industrial area and is part of a total 2% land zoned that is for this purpose. Intercept Youth Services only can place legally their offices, but no mental health facility construction will be allowed.

The vote of the Planning Commission resulted to unanimously not recommending the approval of the change requests. The decision was made after the zoning concerns were discussed and pleas were made by numerous community members.

Though finding urgent care near me is always important, many residents like Jennifer Tucker spoke out and felt that Intercept Youth Service’s proposal wasn’t a good idea. Tucker stated that she will not deny that the services Intercept Youth Services offer is a necessity for the community, but strongly feels that it’s not safe for the whole neighborhood if such a facility is constructed in their backyard.

Planning Commission Disagrees to Mental Health Facility PlansThe proposed construction was designated officially as a halfway house, but officials of Intercept Youth Services say that the title given is misleading. Officials say that their proposal is actually licensed to be a medical treatment facility which can provide a 30 to 90 day housing.

Mark Bogert the Executive Director of Intercept Youth Services stated that when the idea of being entitled as a halfway house was being proposed to be its category, he really strongly disagreed because it does not define what the purpose of the facility.”

Mark Bogert added that the proposed facility will be the first and only treatment center that can deal with specialized issues in the area. Currently, patients need to travel to Richmond just to get needed services from a mental health facility, making it more important for them to establish the facility in Roanoke.

New Inpatient Psychiatric Hospital on Its Way for Fresno Children

New Inpatient Psychiatric Hospital on Its Way for Fresno Children

Fresno, California – The state of California allocates funding for Fresno County’s inpatient psychiatric hospital for children.

Fresno County is close to the restoration of children’s mental health services. Instead of sending them way for their treatments, the children can soon stay close to their homes and families.

Mental health services, especially for children mean urgent care and immediate treatment. These young minds should be provided with appropriate services from an urgent care clinic, mental health facility, or a psychiatric hospital, ensuring that their mental health issues are addressed properly, whether through medication, treatment, or therapy.

That case was acknowledged by Fresno County as an inpatient psychiatric hospital will soon rise on the grounds of the previous County Hospital complex. The facility will provide mental health care services for children.

New Inpatient Psychiatric Hospital on Its Way for Fresno ChildrenFresno County Supervisor Henry R. Perea said a $2 million funding was allocated for a facility remodeling in the VMC campus. That facility will accommodate children suffering from mental health crisis situations. Perea said such situations need immediate care, providing the children and their families the nearest urgent care near me is of utmost importance.

Over 12 years now, Fresno County is without a children’s inpatient treatment center. This simply means that those children under crisis situations were sent to out of town facilities and urgent care clinics in Los Angeles and Bakersfield, psychiatric facilities that are hundreds of miles away from Fresno County.

The absence of any children’s inpatient treatment center in Fresno has created actual and long-term hardships for the county children and their families. Thus, the inpatient psychiatric hospital will eventually eliminate those struggles.

Perea said children go around and throughout the state every day, just to obtain psychiatric inpatient care since Fresno has none. And these children must be given attention immediately, considering their mental health conditions.

Talking about children with mental health issues means urgency. However, if they have to travel miles to a mental health facility, and away from their families, that is impractical and irresponsible. Perea insisted that is not the appropriate process for their recovery, instead they should be close to their families, and everyone who love and support them. With the completion of the said facility, all these will be achieved and children will be provided with the services they need and deserve.

The State of California will provide the $2 million funding for the inpatient psychiatric hospital, and the building’s completion is expected by early next year, and will house up to ten children.

New Butler County Mental Health Levy Passes Easily with County Votes

New Butler County Mental Health Levy Passes Easily with County Votes

Butler County, Ohio – The 0.5-mill mental health levy overwhelmingly passed and was renewed last Tuesday because of the huge support from many Butler County voters. Scott Rasmus, the executive director of the Mental Health Board stated recently that this result strongly indicates that Butler County, Ohio residents are beginning to deeply understand the importance and great need of better urgent care when it comes to the mental health of their community.

Aside from the mental health levy issue, other issues were voted upon. Issue number 1 passed the 71 % to 29 %, basing on the final and an unofficial tally of results from Butler County’s Board of Elections. Dean Langevin, who previously served more than 30 years as a levy consultant, stated that in all his years of service as a consultant, he could not remember a single levy ever passing with such large and impressive margins.

The 0.5-mill mental health levy change will significantly help many Butler County residents in need of an urgent care clinic to help address their health problems, especially mental health related issues. Many experts see these move that was decided by Butler County voters a positive move, but still warns that any change in any system will not be successful without constant monitoring and improvement.

New Butler County Mental Health Levy Passes Easily with County VotesThough such health issues are considered as top priority in any community, sudden and abrupt changes can also cause negative impact and effects. Experts advise any county, and any issue for that matter, to take it one step at a time. It is crucial to look into all aspects, both pros and cons before making any final decisions. More so in decisions that could greatly affect the welfare of the whole community.

The executive director also stated that Butler County experienced a 124% increase in the number of individuals seeking services in urgent care clinics over the past 10 years. He added that from a total of 4,471 clients that were served last 2004, it increased to 9,997 clients in 2014’s fiscal year. This is more than a total of 2,500 individuals that sought their services for 2015’s fiscal year, which started last July 1.

Scott Rasmus also stated that aside from the recent passing of the 0.5-mill mental health levy, he and his office staff will continue finding new ways in improving mental health care in the county, and will not also stop educating people regarding the big impact mental illness causes that lead to many individuals to search for urgent care near me.

Children Mental Health Services Are Seen as Unfit and Lacking

Children Mental Health Services Are Seen as Unfit and Lacking

London, United Kingdom – Children mental health services are facing serious problems when it comes to prevention and early prevention.

Report from the Health Select Committee mentions that they will need an in depth review and restoration to make sure that these problems will not continue. Right now, the government is already exerting extra efforts to make it work.

Among the many moves that they have created is a task force that will take over the process. Hopefully, they will also speed it up for the youth inside the mental health facilities.

Police Detention Cells as the New Mental Facilities

Among the usual complaints regarding children mental health services are the venues for them. They are not brought to urgent care clinics. Instead, the officials let them stay at police detention cells. This could be problematic on so many levels found in these places.

The only reason that they can give is that there are no safe spaces in hospitals. They were not able to specify what does safe means. Either way, they will have to build urgent care clinic and related facilities for the benefit of the children and the adolescence who are going through mental problems.

Adequate Funding Could Be the Solution to the Problem

Oftentimes, access to children mental health services restrict parents to ask for help. They see that the facilities are either too far away from the city or too small for so many children with mental problems.

The solution that they could see is to increase the budget. If the government can buy lands that are closer to the city and to the public, it will not be hard for parents to seek urgent care for their children’s problems. Plus, the treatment will not be too different compared to those with physical health problems. Urgent care near me is a must for anybody who is into this kind of problem.

Children Mental Health Services Are Seen as Unfit and LackingRight now, there are clear manifestations that the government is doing something to make the situation better. They were able to shed as much as 7 million pounds for new beds and other equipment. They will be adding more to improve the pace of the treatment to these children.

Providing children mental health services is not an easy feat. With the huge percentage of youth getting involved in anxiety, depression, and many other health problems, the government should act as fast it can to arrive at a healthier and more productive society.

Mental Health Crisis Training Provided to Zanesville Officers

Mental Health Crisis Training Provided to Zanesville Officers

Zanesville, Ohio – Aside from law enforcement officers, mental health crisis training is as important to those who don’t even have mental diseases or know someone who has it.

For the past week, the Crisis Response Training (CRT) has been taking place in Zanesville. The CRT is a collaboration of the Zanesville Police Department with the Muskingum County Sheriff Office, Six County Inc., and the National Alliance on Mental Illness.

Regional alliance president Paul Quinn said that the law enforcement officers need to be knowledgeable in diffusing situations, which could arise every time a person suffers from a mental illness crisis. Anyone with such mental health problems needs urgent care, treatment, and the expertise of health professionals.

Through the mental health crisis training, officers were able to learn the factors, legal options, and symptoms that contribute to increasing situations. During the training, they also participated in role-playing activities involving potential crisis situations. Quinn emphasized that without practice or discussions, skills can simply disappear. The training served as an urgent care near me facility for the officers.

Zanesville patrol officer Bryan Ruff pointed out that people in communities should be well aware and trust local law enforcers when it comes to handling such problems. Ruff went through the entire mental health crisis training with several officers from different departments. Ruff added that people must not be hesitant in calling law enforcement officers, knowing that they’re prepared to manage mental problems, or anything involving mental crisis.

Zanesville Detective Tom Porter also participated in the role-playing. Porter said every police officer is able to obtain a mental illness overview within police academy programs. However, there’s none like an in-depth training such as the recent activity.

Mental Health Crisis Training Provided to Zanesville OfficersPorter added that those in crisis often times are out of control, and are unaware of what they’re doing or acting out. They should not be thrown to jail instantly, but should be provided with an urgent care clinic, and a chance or opportunity to understand their mental issues.

In some situations, people do not realize that they need help, thus, may want to harm themselves or someone else. Those who call for help certainly needs urgent care clinics, or perhaps just temporary relief and first aid.

Officers will surely encounter such circumstances every now and then, and that officers should really receive such trainings. Knowing how to manage these situations is what the entire mental health crisis training is about, Ruff said.

Health Experts: Discussions About Mental Health and Suicide Are Vital

Health Experts: Discussions About Mental Health and Suicide Are Vital

Rockford, Michigan – On Wednesday evening, Rockford Public School representatives conducted a seminar, educating both parents and students about mental health and suicide, as well as informing them about available health resources in West Michigan.

Pine Rest Christian Mental Health Services and Forest View Hospital experts said mental health problems associated with anxiety and depression often lead to thoughts of suicide, and in other cases, to suicide itself.

Anxiety and depression issues are correlated with mental health and suicide, and an urgent care near me facility among those depression sufferers is necessary. The Centers for Disease and Control (CDC) indicated that suicide has been the top 3 causes of death among American teenagers.

In fact, there were two recent teen suicide incidents in West Michigan, one 14-year old and another 15-year old. Brandon Larsen, the 14-year old from Wyoming died last week, while Heidi Horn, the 15-year old from Ravenna died last Tuesday.

As a sort of an urgent care clinic, the seminar was attended by students, who shared their own stories with Rockford students and parents about mental health problems. The high school auditorium was packed with participants that Wednesday evening.

‘Developing Healthy Kids’ program, which was initiated by Rockford 3 years ago. The program’s main goal was to deal with varieties of topics from weight issues to substance abuse. Thus, the Wednesday’s topic was about mental health and suicide.

Doctor Mike Schibler, Rockford Superintendent said officials should be more open regarding such concerns and challenges so as to provide urgent care and immediate attention. Positive mental health perspective is essential, added Schibler.

Health Experts: Discussions About Mental Health and Suicide Are VitalAdditionally, experts explained that the symptoms of anxiety and depression could lead to suicide. The speakers also emphasized that they watch for those with depression signs, including those who withdraw from their friends, get rid of their thing, isolate themselves, and those who talk about death. The seminar also provided parents with urgent care clinics and tips on how to react during such circumstances.

The health experts also believe that the 14 and 5-year olds were able to talk to their peers about their thoughts of suicide, and perhaps it’s the peer’s responsibility to go out and seek for help.

A Forest View Hospital expert said during the seminar that parents and their children should have an open communication, which could be life-changing eventually. The expert added that the agency has already noticed an upsurge in self-harm incidents, confirming that mental health and suicide are valuable topics to talk about, and that suicide has been a key reason among pressured kids.

First Aid Training for Mental Health Scheduled for Wednesday

First Aid Training for Mental Health Scheduled for Wednesday

Licking County, Newark – People with first aid training are the ones who get to those having a heart attack or serious injuries, providing them with urgent care and temporary treatment before they would get advanced treatment for the patient.

People who are suffering from mental illness, addiction, and any behavioral issues need similar aid, especially when they are in the middle of such crisis. If they can’t find an urgent care near me facility, someone out there should help. The executive director of both Knox and Licking counties, Kay Spergel said someone who is capable of assessing the signs and helping those patients get treatment can certainly make a big difference.

Licking County’s Mental Health America and the Mental Health and Recovery agencies have been providing the community residents and companies a big opportunity in learning about mental health first aid. Both offices have been offering first aid training and seminars for the past few months now.

The training programs have also served as urgent care clinics among the different communities in several states. The main advocacy of the program is to encourage people to spread the word, as well as to encourage them to attend or sponsor the information session for free at the Licking County library on Wednesday.

First Aid Training for Mental Health Scheduled for WednesdayOfficials said those who attend the seminar will also be given an opportunity to register for another 8-hour session for free. People in communities should consider such offer, considering it as an urgent care clinic for themselves and those around them. The seminar will be short, but will provide valuable information in dealing with emergency cases and mental-related circumstances.

Historically, the first aid training was only offered to those in the law enforcement, school staff, hospital employees, and college staff. However, Spergel said the training can become highly beneficial to anyone. She emphasized that the training is almost similar to that of the CPR, educating people to recognize the symptoms or signs of illnesses, and providing them the basic knowledge of how they could help.

Spergel also pointed out that having more people trained in the mental health first aid will provide those in need of assistance the help they need quickly, involving events that require urgency and circumstances that happen suddenly.

Both residents and those in workplaces are encouraged to participate in the training scheduled Wednesday. Although the seminar will be brief, it will be educational for all. Spergel said the first aid training is their contribution to the overall health and well being of the entire Licking County community, their way of contributing something and giving back.