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5 Reasons to Use an Urgent Care Clinic for Non-Urgent Care

When you think of an urgent care clinic, you might assume that these after-hours practices are designed for broken bones, sudden fevers and the stomach flu. And while walk-in clinics are meant to help you during non-life-threatening emergencies, many urgent care practices also offer a wide range of preventive services and routine screenings to keep you healthy throughout the year. Whether you’ve got an ongoing sore throat or it’s time to take the kids in for a physical, an urgent care center can be a good option. Here are five great reasons to turn to an urgent care practice for non-urgent care.

#1: Convenience

First and foremost, an urgent care clinic is convenient. Operating hours vary, but most are open every weekday, at least one weekend day and extended evening hours. They try to accommodate people who work a standard 9-to-5 schedule, so you’re likely to be able to come in for a quick appointment when it suits you best. The most convenient part about urgent care practices is that you don’t need an appointment. You may wait to be seen, but it won’t take nearly as long as it would at the local emergency room, and it may even be quicker than your primary care doctor’s office. Not only is this a great feature for when you develop a UTI overnight, but it’s also a plus when you need to squeeze in a yearly checkup between conference calls at work. It can also be tough to set up multiple appointments if you have kids. Pediatric urgent care centers offer a simple solution to hectic scheduling.

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How Telemedicine Services Can Treat Super Lice?

Getting the dreaded note from your child’s teacher at school informing you that your child has or may have lice is one of every parent’s worst nightmares, but in 2015 that nightmare got worse with the news that there is a new breed of the pesky insects called “Super Lice”. For your garden variety lice, you wouldn’t necessarily need to take your child to the doctor’s office, lice are easily identified by the obvious symptom of head scratching and visually by inspecting the scalp and hair for the little white nits (eggs) that stick to the hair follicles.

The treatment of lice typically involves over-the-counter home (OTC) remedies and medications, but now comes this new strain of lice that is resistant to the over-the-counter treatments called “super lice”. For the treatment of super lice, you will need to receive a prescription from a doctor.

One of the important elements in ridding your child of lice and keep it from spreading throughout your household is to get treatment quickly. But, it’s not always easy to get an immediate appointment with a doctor these days unless it’s something serious. A telemedicine video chat doctor’s appointment can get your child seen face-to-face by a U.S. board certified physician from the state you live in, typically in less than one-hour day or night seven days a week.

Registering online with a telemedicine company is painless and takes just minutes. You will answer some health history questions, insurance information, if you choose, simply because today more and more telemedicine services are being covered under health insurance plans, primary care doctor information and any specialists you may have seen, and any allergies to medications you may have. This same information is required for any family member you wish to register. Once your telemedicine registration is complete the only other thing you will need to get started is a computer or to add a free mobile phone device app to allow you and your video chat doctor to have a face-to-face consultation.

In just minutes the telemedicine doctor can diagnose the lice, begin the treatment plan and prevent the lice from becoming an infestation throughout your household.

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How Telemedicine Services Can Treat the Flu

Flu season can be miserable enough, but sitting in a crowded doctor’s office or urgent care center with a bunch of sick people can actually make you feel worse since there are varying strains of the flu you can be further exposed to. That’s why being able to stay in the comfort of your own bed and arrange a video chat doctor consultation can seem like the best medicine ever!

The same concept can apply to busy Mom’s and Dad’s who don’t want to have to take a sick child out of bed to sit in a doctor’s office for hours. And in many cases perhaps having to bring healthy siblings of the sick child along for the appointment exposing them to a waiting room full of sick children, this too can even be a serious health hazard to children under two years of age. With a video chat doctor appointment all those nightmare scenarios don’t exist.

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How Telemedicine Services Can Treat Urinary Tract Infections

Urinary tract infections (UTI) affect both men and women, but women have a much higher risk of contracting one, statistically one in every two women will contract a urinary tract infection. Some women will have infections repeatedly for multiple years. The symptoms of a UTI can be quite annoying and painful, they typically are not a serious condition but do require treatment from a doctor. Due to the classic recognizable symptoms of a urinary tract infection the malady is easily diagnosed by a physician.

While not a serious condition a UTI can be quite painful. Sitting in a doctor’s office for hours can be a rather uncomfortable, if not awkward situation, that is when you actually get an appointment. Using a video chat doctor can be a much more comfortable solution to getting the treatment you need right away and on your own terms. Video chat doctor consultations are done in the privacy and comfort of your own home or where ever you choose and primarily at any time you wish day or night seven days a week. Your video chat exam will be a face-to-face consultation with a United States board certified physician that is licensed to practice medicine in your state.

Enrolling with a telemedicine service is quite simple and cost is typically based on a set fee per chat session. All you need to do to get started is to register online or from your mobile phone (download a free app) and fill out the necessary medical background questions to register. Once you are registered it’s an easy step by step selection process of selecting a date and time and then finally which doctor you wish to have your video chat consultation with. The entire process usually is done in less than thirty minutes.

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How Telemedicine Services Can Treat Rashes and Skin Infections

The appearance of a rash can be a simple allergic reaction to a substance the skin has come in contact with and will not require medical treatment, but a rash can also be a sign of a condition that requires seeing a doctor. Some rashes are mild and barely noticeable while others can be extensive and even embarrassing. Having to go to a crowded doctor’s office for the treatment of an embarrassing rash may hinder some people from seeking treatment, but even treating something as simple as ringworm can be uncomfortable in an office setting. This is why video chat doctor appointments may be just what you’ve been itching for!
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How Telemedicine Services Can Treat Pink Eye

When you have little ones it may appear like a revolving door at the doctor’s office as kids are constantly fighting off one illness after the other in those primary school years it seems. And taking a sick child to a crowded doctor’s office waiting room filled with other sick children is no picnic for child or parent alike, especially if you have to bring other healthy sibling(s) with you for the appointment.

It is more often that the mother is the one taking the child to the doctor and therefore missing work more than forty percent of the time, with dads, grandparents, relatives and childcare workers picking up the remaining sixty percent. Not only do these repetitive childhood illnesses keep our little ones down, but they can keep the parents productivity down at work too. Pink eye is the most common cause of children missing school and by proxy moms missing work, every year more than three million absences from school are said to be caused by pink eye.
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How Telemedicine Services Can Treat a Cold

Having a cold may sound trivial in the spectrum of illness, but a cold can be a life interrupting illness all the same and when it knocks you off your feet it can be difficult to know if it’s just a cold or something more serious such as influenza. A simple cold can make you feel as if you can’t get out of your bed … the fever, body aches, relentless coughing, sore throat, and fatigue from lack of sleep (due to coughing) can truly make you feel as if you’re dying! The thought of dragging your achy feverish body out of your bed to go to a crowded doctor’s office isn’t too appealing.

Fortunately, there is another alternative; telemedicine offers face-to-face video chat doctor appointments that you can have right from the comfort of your bed. No more worrying about whether you have something more than a cold and not knowing. Teleconferencing (video chat) allows you to talk with a U.S board certified doctor in your state who will sort through your symptoms and physical appearance to make a diagnosis and get you started on the proper treatment plan right away to speed you to recovery.

The process to begin a video chat doctor’s appointment is very simple and only takes minutes to do, you only need to register online with the telemedicine company of your choice to begin your video chat appointment by computer or download a free app for your mobile phone device.

There will be a host of questions to answer regarding your medical history, who your primary care physician is and your medical insurance information, this information is so the doctor can access your health history before treating you. Medical insurance is not required to use the services of a telemedicine company, but if you have insurance your telemedicine appointment may be covered under your insurance plan. Once you have registered you are ready to select a time and date you wish to make a video chat doctors appointment. Typically, you will have a response within minutes with a list of the doctors who are available to see you. You make your choice and you are ready to go.
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How Do I Use a Telemedicine Service?

There are a number of online video chat doctor consultation services dotting the healthcare landscape these days, and though their price structures may vary somewhat most provide their services in the same basic way. The doctors are all state licensed practitioners and typically U.S. board certified so you will be seeing an actual physician. Below we will give you a general overview of how they work, what types of ailments are suitable for video consultations, and what you can and cannot expect from them.

What Kind of Illness’ Can Be Treated by A Having a Video Chat Doctor Consult?

Telemedicine is an ever expanding field of medical treatment being used in hospitals, clinics and doctor’s offices, but now it is becoming very popular among people for treating common ailments that we don’t necessarily have the time to go to the doctor’s office for. Not only is it faster to see a doctor for a video consultation it is more convenient and usually a money saving mode of healthcare today. While video doctor consultations cannot take the place of a hands on doctor in the event of a serious injury or emergency, the results can be highly valuable in treating the following types of illness from your home, office or travel location:

  • Flu
  • Ear Infections
  • Dermatology Problems (acne)
  • Urinary Tract Infections
  • Eye Infections
  • Sinus Infections
  • Mental Health Therapy
  • Rashes
  • Asthmatic Inflammations (mild)
  • Stomach Ache
  • Diarrhea

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How Telemedicine Services Can Treat an Ear Infection

If you have ever had an ear infection you know just how painful they can be and when left untreated can lead to serious complications and even hearing loss. However, getting an immediate appointment with your doctor may be a challenge. With a video chat doctor appointment, it’s not only possible to get an appointment within minutes at any time from any place, but it will likely cost you less than a doctor’s office visit. And if it is a child who has an ear infection trying to take them to a crowded doctor’s office filled with sick children may not really be an easy task or comfortable for your child, not to mention all those germs floating around.

Getting a video chat doctor appointment is a quick and easy process that enables you to have a one-on-one, face-to-face conversation on your mobile device or computer with a licensed U.S. board certified doctor within your state. The process is easy and can be done in minutes just by adding a free app to your mobile device or registering online. Just answer some standard questions regarding you or your family member’s health history and you’ll be set to go. Although insurance isn’t required to use the service if you have insurance be sure to include it as the video chat doctor appointment may be covered in your insurance plan. Getting that ear infection treated and relieving the pain as quickly as possible is what’s best for you or your family, and with video chat consultations the doctor is always in at your convenience.
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How Telemedicine Services Can Treat a Sinus Infection

A sinus infection is typically not a serious medical condition, but if left untreated it can lead to a more serious infection causing complications. Most people often just suffer through them because it doesn’t seem worthy of a long wait at the doctor’s office or clinic filled with people who may be suffering from other ailments that may be highly contagious. But, trying to heal an infection on your own can be risky and end you up in the doctor’s office anyway with a more serious situation.

Fortunately, people with sinus infection don’t have to go it alone anymore; a simple video chat doctor appointment can end your suffering without the exposure to all those other people’s germs. Video chat doctor appointments can allow proper medical care of sinus infection from the comfort of your home or office 24 hours a day, seven days out of the week, with little or no waiting to see the doctor. Not only is the doctor appointment quick and scheduled at your convenience the video chat doctor visit typically costs less than a trip to the doctor’s office or clinic.
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