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Pediatric Urgentcare Expansions

It’s just after midnight on a Tuesday, and you’re up for the fourth time since putting your 3-year-old to bed four hours earlier. As she complains for the umpteenth time about her ear pain, you realize that no amount of medicine in your house is going to resolve this ear infection. Now, you’re faced with a tough call – wait it out overnight so you can run by the pediatrician’s office in the morning, find a local pediatric urgent care place that’s still open or risk the local emergency room.

Waiting it out isn’t always an option for parents, especially when an ear infection is keeping the whole house awake overnight, and a trip to the ER can last several hours and cost hundreds of dollars. Urgent care centers, particularly those equipped for treating kids, are your best bet for non-life-threatening emergencies. Short wait times, licensed medical professionals and quick diagnoses make after-hours clinics a good choice for unexpected illness or injury. Plus, some locations offer 24-hour care.

Pediatric urgent care has evolved over the last few decades. Once considered a last resort among those in the medical field, after-hours clinics have quickly become the go-to treatment option for weary parents who need fast results. Even major hospitals have adopted walk-in clinics as part of their operations, and urgent care facilities are expanding across the United States. In the field of pediatrics, doctors-turned-entrepreneurs are looking for even more innovative ways to deliver urgent care to children.

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How Telemedicine Services Can Treat Strep Throat

During the flu and cold season, it can be difficult to know what a sore throat means. Is it a cold, could it be the flu, or is it strep throat? To really know and get on the proper treatment plan you will need the help of a doctor to get the answers you need. A telemedicine video chat doctor appointment can give you those answers and right from the comfort of your own home, office, or whatever location you happen to be at the time; out of town, on vacation, on a business trip.

A face-to-face telemedicine video chat doctor appointment can save you time and even money. Most video chat consultations cost less than a typical doctor’s office visit and may even cost less if your health insurance carrier is one of the (increasingly) many that now include telemedicine in your healthcare coverage.

It’s very simple to register online with a telemedicine company, usually taking less than twenty minutes. You will fill in some health history information, who your primary care physician is and other physician specialists if applicable, health insurance carrier (in case you are covered for video chat doctor appointments), and any allergies to medications.

Once registered, you can then initiate a face-to-face video chat doctor appointment at your convenience, place and time which will take place either on your computer, or your phone by downloading a free mobile phone device app. You will be presented a list of U.S. board certified doctors licensed to practice medicine in your state that are available to answer your call at your requested time and date. Choose your doctor and get started to a diagnosis and treatment plan within minutes. *Make certain to conduct your video chat doctor appointment in a quiet, well lit room (make sure there are no bright or glaring lights in the background).

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How Telemedicine Services Can Treat Bronchitis

If you have a persistent cough that just won’t seem to go away, perhaps after having a cold or upper respiratory infection, it’s possible you have bronchitis. Typically, as annoying and disruptive to your life bronchitis may be (loss, interrupted sleep, etc.) it is possible, over an extended period of time, to heal from bronchitis without a doctors help for otherwise healthy people. But, it should be noted that the possibility for developing more serious conditions such as pneumonia do still exist even for otherwise healthy people.

However, for the elderly, young children and those with pre-existing respiratory issues untreated bronchitis can pose serious health risks and or consequences and should always be addressed by seeking medical expertise from a doctor.

A nagging persistent cough may not seem reason enough to have to take time off from work or from your child’s school day to sit in a crowded doctor’s office with sick people, but the truth is that you really should see a doctor to receive a diagnosis and afterword develop a treatment plan to prevent possible complications.

The good news is that it’s not necessary for you to miss work or your child to miss school, a video chat doctor consultation can allow you to consult face-to-face with a U.S. board certified doctor licensed from the state you live in to make a diagnosis and develop a treatment plan for you.

Telemedicine offers patients the option to choose the time and place their video chat doctor appointment occurs.  You can schedule your doctor appointment to occur from the comfort and privacy of your home, office, or if you’re away from any location you happen to be. Most importantly is that you can see (virtually) a doctor within a matter of minutes rather than days, which is often key to getting you back to robust health.

To have a (virtual) video chat doctor appointment takes less than an hour typically; it only takes minutes to register online with a telemedicine company answering simple questions about your health history, allergic reaction to medications, who your primary care doctor is and health insurance provider information (because your insurance may cover telemedicine doctor appointments). Once you are registered online with the telemedicine company of your choice you can then choose the date you want to schedule your video chat doctor appointment, inputting as soon as possible as the time frame. Typically, you will have a response within just a few minutes with a list of U.S. board certified doctors who are available to provide you with a video chat consultation. Now the choice is yours.

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How Telemedicine Services Can Treat Allergies

The change of the seasons may be beautiful to look at, but for people who suffer from seasonal allergies it can be difficult to appreciate the beauty of it all. The symptoms of allergies vary and can be very mild as in the sudden appearance of a rash which may require a doctor to prescribe prescription medication to treat all the way to life threateningly severe such as anaphylaxis which requires immediate attention in a hospital emergency room.

Allergies are triggered when the immune system has an over-reaction to a foreign substance, the substance may be harmless to others but for those who are allergic the immune system identifies it as harmful and sets in motion an inflammatory response. In most cases a doctor can diagnose allergies based on a careful examination of a patient’s history. However, it may be necessary to have blood tests or skin testing to confirm that the reaction is caused by an allergy.

When you have an allergic reaction treatment is typically going to be in the form of avoidance of the allergen and prescription medication. You could try and get a doctor’s office appointment, but why would you sit in a doctor’s waiting room for an hour or more when you could simply have a telemedicine video chat doctor consultation from the comfort of your own home?

It’s easy to get started, online registration with a telemedicine company takes less than twenty minutes typically and all that is required is a computer or mobile phone device to which you can download a free mobile app. You will provide medical background and health insurance information (your telemedicine video chat consultation may be covered by your insurer) as well as your chief complaint at the time and within minutes you will receive a contact list of the available doctors ready to have a face-to-face video consultation with you. You can save time and money too, most video chat doctor appointments cost less than an office visit at your doctor’s office and if your health insurance company covers your video chat consultation you will save even more.

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Telemedicine Appointments for Travel Medical Consultation

When making travel plans one of the most important parts of your planning should be seeing a travel medicine doctor before your trip. Whether your trip is across the country or international it is important to consult with a travel medicine doctor to ensure that your travels are healthy and safe.

A travel medicine video chat consultation can be a quick and easy way to prepare for your trip abroad. A video travel medicine doctor appointment can help you to be prepared for anything as simple as motion sickness to malaria. The only requirement is a computer or mobile phone (to which you download a free app) and you are ready to initiate your face-to-face travel medicine video chat consultation.

The process for registering for a video chat consultation is quick and easy. It is accomplished online by registering with the telemedicine company of your choice. You will be asked to provide information regarding your family health history, personal health history, insurance information (not required), choice of local pharmacy, allergies, and any present or pre-existing health issues and medications you are taking.

Once you have requested a travel medicine video chat consultation you will receive a selection of U.S. board certified travel medicine doctors licensed in your state to choose from that are available for a video chat consultation on the date and time frame you have requested. It typically is just a matter of minutes to get a response to your request for an appointment. It should be noted that travel medicine is a specialty practice and response time may vary due to doctor availability in your state.

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How Telemedicine Services Can Treat Super Lice?

Getting the dreaded note from your child’s teacher at school informing you that your child has or may have lice is one of every parent’s worst nightmares, but in 2015 that nightmare got worse with the news that there is a new breed of the pesky insects called “Super Lice”. For your garden variety lice, you wouldn’t necessarily need to take your child to the doctor’s office, lice are easily identified by the obvious symptom of head scratching and visually by inspecting the scalp and hair for the little white nits (eggs) that stick to the hair follicles.

The treatment of lice typically involves over-the-counter home (OTC) remedies and medications, but now comes this new strain of lice that is resistant to the over-the-counter treatments called “super lice”. For the treatment of super lice, you will need to receive a prescription from a doctor.

One of the important elements in ridding your child of lice and keep it from spreading throughout your household is to get treatment quickly. But, it’s not always easy to get an immediate appointment with a doctor these days unless it’s something serious. A telemedicine video chat doctor’s appointment can get your child seen face-to-face by a U.S. board certified physician from the state you live in, typically in less than one-hour day or night seven days a week.

Registering online with a telemedicine company is painless and takes just minutes. You will answer some health history questions, insurance information, if you choose, simply because today more and more telemedicine services are being covered under health insurance plans, primary care doctor information and any specialists you may have seen, and any allergies to medications you may have. This same information is required for any family member you wish to register. Once your telemedicine registration is complete the only other thing you will need to get started is a computer or to add a free mobile phone device app to allow you and your video chat doctor to have a face-to-face consultation.

In just minutes the telemedicine doctor can diagnose the lice, begin the treatment plan and prevent the lice from becoming an infestation throughout your household.

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How Telemedicine Services Can Treat the Flu

Flu season can be miserable enough, but sitting in a crowded doctor’s office or urgent care center with a bunch of sick people can actually make you feel worse since there are varying strains of the flu you can be further exposed to. That’s why being able to stay in the comfort of your own bed and arrange a video chat doctor consultation can seem like the best medicine ever!

The same concept can apply to busy Mom’s and Dad’s who don’t want to have to take a sick child out of bed to sit in a doctor’s office for hours. And in many cases perhaps having to bring healthy siblings of the sick child along for the appointment exposing them to a waiting room full of sick children, this too can even be a serious health hazard to children under two years of age. With a video chat doctor appointment all those nightmare scenarios don’t exist.

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How Telemedicine Services Can Treat Urinary Tract Infections

Urinary tract infections (UTI) affect both men and women, but women have a much higher risk of contracting one, statistically one in every two women will contract a urinary tract infection. Some women will have infections repeatedly for multiple years. The symptoms of a UTI can be quite annoying and painful, they typically are not a serious condition but do require treatment from a doctor. Due to the classic recognizable symptoms of a urinary tract infection the malady is easily diagnosed by a physician.

While not a serious condition a UTI can be quite painful. Sitting in a doctor’s office for hours can be a rather uncomfortable, if not awkward situation, that is when you actually get an appointment. Using a video chat doctor can be a much more comfortable solution to getting the treatment you need right away and on your own terms. Video chat doctor consultations are done in the privacy and comfort of your own home or where ever you choose and primarily at any time you wish day or night seven days a week. Your video chat exam will be a face-to-face consultation with a United States board certified physician that is licensed to practice medicine in your state.

Enrolling with a telemedicine service is quite simple and cost is typically based on a set fee per chat session. All you need to do to get started is to register online or from your mobile phone (download a free app) and fill out the necessary medical background questions to register. Once you are registered it’s an easy step by step selection process of selecting a date and time and then finally which doctor you wish to have your video chat consultation with. The entire process usually is done in less than thirty minutes.

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How Telemedicine Services Can Treat Rashes and Skin Infections

The appearance of a rash can be a simple allergic reaction to a substance the skin has come in contact with and will not require medical treatment, but a rash can also be a sign of a condition that requires seeing a doctor. Some rashes are mild and barely noticeable while others can be extensive and even embarrassing. Having to go to a crowded doctor’s office for the treatment of an embarrassing rash may hinder some people from seeking treatment, but even treating something as simple as ringworm can be uncomfortable in an office setting. This is why video chat doctor appointments may be just what you’ve been itching for!
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How Telemedicine Services Can Treat Pink Eye

When you have little ones it may appear like a revolving door at the doctor’s office as kids are constantly fighting off one illness after the other in those primary school years it seems. And taking a sick child to a crowded doctor’s office waiting room filled with other sick children is no picnic for child or parent alike, especially if you have to bring other healthy sibling(s) with you for the appointment.

It is more often that the mother is the one taking the child to the doctor and therefore missing work more than forty percent of the time, with dads, grandparents, relatives and childcare workers picking up the remaining sixty percent. Not only do these repetitive childhood illnesses keep our little ones down, but they can keep the parents productivity down at work too. Pink eye is the most common cause of children missing school and by proxy moms missing work, every year more than three million absences from school are said to be caused by pink eye.
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