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What is Viral Gastroenteritis (stomach flu)?

A stomach flu or viral gastroenteritis as is its medical terminology is usually a common virus that causes havoc in your intestines.

Is Stomach Flu Contagious?

The answer is YES. Typically stomach flu symptoms begin to present themselves one to three days after you have been exposed to an infected person. Viral and bacterial gastroenteritis is caused by a virus or bacterium which are easily, readily and rapidly spread, especially in group settings in a contained environment, for example; on a cruise ship, dormitory, school, corporate office, or hotel convention. In fact with stomach flu you are actually very contagious even before you have symptoms of the stomach flu, and even remain so well after your symptoms have subsided, in fact for as long as two weeks. Children tend to remain contagious even longer than adults.

What are the Symptoms of Stomach Flu (viral gastroenteritis)?

Symptoms of stomach flu are:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Abdominal pain and/or cramping
  • Fever (typically below 101 degrees Fahrenheit)
  • Headache
  • Body aches & pains
  • Chills
  • Diarrhea (typically thin, watery)
  • Lethargy (tired, worn out feeling)

It can sometimes be difficult to know the difference between viral gastroenteritis and bacterial gastroenteritis because the symptoms are nearly identical with the exception of the symptom of bloody stools often found with bacterial stomach flu, but the seriousness of the infection between the two can be significant.

While viral gastroenteritis is relatively harmless, bacterial gastroenteritis is usually harmless as well, but when caused in particular by E. coli it can have serious consequences such as; intestinal bleeding, severe anemia, and left untreated even kidney failure. If you have stomach flu symptoms with bloody stools you should seek medical treatment immediately, contact from your primary care physician or local urgent care center.

What is the Treatment for Viral Gastroenteritis?

There is no cure for a viral infection and the same is true for viral gastroenteritis, basically the virus must run its course through your body. What can be done are home health remedies that will help you get through the nasty bug working its way through your system, here are some helpful home remedies:

  • Medications – There are numerous over the counter medications you can take to help alleviate some of the nasty flu symptoms ranging from fever reducers, pain relievers to antidiarrheal and anti-nausea medications. You should consult with your health care provider or local pharmacist to discuss which over the counter medications would be best for you and your personal health history.
  • Replenish fluids – Stomach flu can often dehydrate your body, it is important to try to rehydrate your body methodically. Because stomach flu typically includes nausea and vomiting it can be difficult to keep fluids down, so pick your fluids wisely. Sipping clear liquids such as water or chewing on ice chips (on a schedule to avoid dehydration) is advisable at first, slowly integrate replenishing drinks as your ability to keep liquids down increases; which could include clear broth (chicken), sports drinks (Gatorade to replace lost electrolytes) and warm tea such as chamomile (to soothe the tummy).
  • Get plenty of rest – Your body is under attack, the best medicine for any ailment is rest. Sleep allows your body’s immune system to strengthen and go to work for you full force while all your other body systems are at rest, utilizing the minimum output of energy on healing and giving your body’s defense systems what it needs to work at their maximum for you.
  • Integrate replenishing foods – As your stomach allows, slowly introduce foods that will help you heal, most doctors recommend the BRAT diet; this includes Bananas (to replace lost potassium and strengthen stomach lining), Rice (white rice is easily digested and the sugar from the carbs will help replace energy) Applesauce is easily digested and contains pectin which will aid in relieving diarrhea, Toast (white bread helps to bind with other foods). As you begin to feel like eating again avoid foods that are; fatty, fried, salty, or dairy and anything with caffeine or fiber, as your bowels are already loose. Once you are feeling 100 percent again you can return to your normal routine and diet.

Do I Need to see a Doctor?

In most instances the stomach flu resolves itself within four to ten days, if you are not improving consistently after ten days you should consult your health care provider or visit your local urgent care center as soon as possible for further diagnostic testing and diagnosis.

What Is a Sinus Infection & Who Gets It?

The medical terminology for a sinus infection is called sinusitis; basically this simply means that one or more of the four major paranasal cavities and/or the nasal passages have become inflamed which may cause pain or pressure in the forehead, above, below or between the eyes, cheek areas, sides of the nose, upper jaws (teeth), or side of the head. Double vision or other visual disturbances may occur if pressure from the sphenoid cavity extends into the brain, but is not common.

Sinusitis is often accompanied by thick greenish-yellow nasal secretions, stuffy nose, sore throat, post nasal drip, bad breath, coughing, and sometimes with fever. It is a common affliction, not serious in nature typically, and generally responds well to proper treatment.

Anyone can develop sinusitis.

What are the Types of Sinusitis?

  1. Acute or Subacute Sinusitis: This form of sinus infection is called acute because it comes on suddenly and is typically triggered by a common cold or allergies. Another defining factor is that the duration of the infection only lasts for eight weeks or less, occurring no more than three times in a calendar year. (Acute sinusitis typically lasts less than four weeks, while the duration of subacute sinusitis may last from four to eight weeks.)
  2. Chronic or Recurrent Sinusitis: The chronic or recurrent form of sinusitis is defined as occurring four or more times in a calendar year, with duration of infection lasting in excess of eight weeks.

Do I Need to See a Doctor?

As with any illness that lingers on for an extended period of time, worsens, recurs, or you are simply uncertain of what it is, it is good standard practice to see a physician to be sure there is no underlying cause of the onset of sinusitis. If you are uncertain and cannot get an appointment with your own primary care physician soon enough, a quick trip to your local urgent care center is an easy solution for diagnosis and treatment.

If left undiagnosed and untreated complications from sinusitis can arise that may become a serious medical emergency, if you have any of the following symptoms you should call 911 or go to the ER of your local hospital immediately:

  • Severe headache, personality changes, high fever, seizures, neck stiffness, body rash, visual disturbances, altered consciousness. This may indicate the infection has spread to the brain causing meningitis; a severe illness that can lead to coma and death.
  • In children; headache, fever and swelling of the soft tissue over the frontal sinus cavity may be a sign of a bone infection indicating osteomyelitis, also known as Potts’s puffy tumor.
  • Severe illness and fever present with; droopy eyelid, vision changes, a dilated pupil and loss of the ability to move the eye are indications of a serious nature. Possible blood clot or permanent blindness can result, seek emergency treatment at once.

How is Sinusitis Diagnosed?

Your healthcare provider may enlist some or all of the following procedures to make a diagnosis:

  • Document, discuss and review your symptoms.
  • Perform a physical examination wherein the doctor places pressure on the area of your four paranasal cavities.
    Tapping on your teeth.
  • Send out a culture of your mucous for laboratory testing.
  • Take blood samples for laboratory testing.
  • Perform allergy tests.
  • Take X-rays.
  • Perform a nasal endoscopy
  • Order a CT scan of the paranasal cavities.

What is the Treatment for Sinusitis?

Sinusitis is a very common infection affecting about 37 million people a year, typically in a simple case of a sinus infection your healthcare provider will likely recommend a variety of over the counter medications and home remedies such as; non prescription nasal decongestants, nasal drops or sprays, antibiotics or oral steroids if prescribed by your doctor, utilizing a vaporizer or breathing in steam inhalations, and applying warm compresses to the painful paranasal cavity sites. Also drink plenty of water and hydrating fluids, hot teas can be hydrating and soothing as well.

Remember it is always important to follow your doctors instructions on the use of any or all of these over the counter medications, as exceeding the recommended amount can result in actually worsening your condition. Follow the recommended use instructions and your doctor’s orders carefully.

Bacterial & Viral Sinusitis

If a bacterial infection has been determined the cause of your sinusitis, antibiotics will be prescribed to eliminate the bacterium. Viral infections do not respond to antibiotics, so do not insist on a prescription for antibiotics for a viral infection, you would simply be wasting your valuable money.

Although sinusitis is a common and typically non life threatening ailment this does not mean you can simply let it go untreated, unless of course you enjoy the pain and discomfort sinusitis can bring or other possible side effects. It should also be noted that in rare circumstances untreated sinusitis can lead to much more serious illness such as infections of the bone, brain abscesses, eye socket infection that could lead to meningitis, coma, permanent blindness and death. Always seek professional medical guidance from your personal physician or urgent care center if you are in doubt or your symptoms get worse.

Innovations Health Launches Automatic Brake and Safety Harness

Innovations Health Launches Automatic Brake and Safety Harness

Roseville, California – The Innovations Health Devices secured the production and distribution licensures for two products – an automatic brake and safety harness designed for the caregivers and the disabled community.

Based in Roseville, the Innovations Health Devices, LLC currently manufactures and distributes a lever-drive and brake for wheelchairs, called the Wijit. The same company is also the United States’ Jaco robotic arm distributor.

The automatic brake and safety harness are the company’s newest products, named the BrakeThrough and Ergotrans Safe Transfer Harness respectively. These two products perfectly fit into the existing product portfolio that are geared towards the disabled community, according to the company president Ken McGuire.

The disabled community, along with their caregivers are provided with a sort of an urgent care near me facility, considering the mobility difficulties and restrains of a disabled person.

McGuire said the company has been marketing for the disabled community for some time now, thus, the newest products are easier for the company to market compared to their entrepreneurial inventors. McGuire emphasized that they can offer this urgent care to clients as they interact with them.

The automatic brake and safety harness were not developed by a single inventor. Thus, the Ergotrans was created by Sindy Decker, developing a belt-like harness along with stable lifting points. It will allow the disabled person to wear the belt, while providing the caregiver with steady lifting points that are ergonomically positioned. This product will be used while lifting people from their wheelchairs to their cars or from their wheelchairs to their beds and vice versa. It can serve as an urgent care clinic relief for both the disabled and its caregiver.

Innovations Health Launches Automatic Brake and Safety HarnessMeanwhile, the BrakeThrough, a mechanical device will allow an automatic wheel lock for manual wheelchairs as soon as the weight is detached from the seat. People with disabilities and who are new to wheelchairs oftentimes use the armrest for support in order to stand up. However, this process frequently sends the wheelchairs back as soon as the patient gets out of the seat. Such process accounts for many accidents and falls, requiring additional treatments.

The BrakeThrough will be able to lock the wheels immediately, and as soon as the weight comes off the seat. McGuire said the BrakeThrough’s target markets are institutional marketplaces such as urgent care clinics, long-term care facilities, hospitals, homes for the aged, and other health care facilities. McGuire pointed out that the automatic brake and safety harness will certainly assist many disabled communities.

Hemp Health Launches New Line of CBD Wellness Supplements

Hemp Health Launches New Line of CBD Wellness Supplements

Carlsbad, California – Hemp Health, Inc. launched its CBD wellness supplements product line. Hemp Health is the creator of hemp cannabidiol (CBD) products, offering compelling alternatives to medical marijuana. Its new product line is available in capsule, spray, and oil form, providing consumers with the therapeutic hemp ingredient, while avoiding the negative effects of marijuana both mentally and physically, and also avoiding an unfavorable visit to an urgent care clinic.

The United States has remained engaged in debates over the legality, safety, and benefits of cannabis as physicians and researchers actively study and test the said plant within urgent care clinics in order to understand its underlying medicinal properties. Their research works have identified active medicinal compound is such plant, which is the cannabinoid CBD.

The finding has inspired Janell Thompson and Katarina Maloney in exploring methods to isolate CBD and market it in concentrated form. The business partners invented a proprietary CO2-based technique to extract pure CBD from industrial hemp without using harmful chemicals or additives. Their urgent care mission began in 2013, to bring CBD products to American consumers, launching the Hemp Hookazzh, which was a company manufacturing e-liquids and e-cigarettes infused with CBD. The products were smoke-free alternatives to marijuana and tobacco products.

The said products were offered to smokers as an urgent care near me alternative, helping them overcome their addiction. The business partners realized they had to provide different delivery options for the non-smoking Americans.

Hemp Health Launches New Line of CBD Wellness SupplementsMaloney said Hemp Health is about providing CBD wellness supplements, which can be taken like a pill, consumed through oral spray, or could be mixed in salads. She pointed out that the new product line is a huge step to help CBD become a typical wellness supplement similar to fish oil.

Hemp Health’s CBD wellness supplements come from industrial hemp, unlike medical marijuana. Hemp Health’s hemp is organic, kosher, and a vegan product sourced from supportable farms in Denmark, Germany, as well as other European countries.

Thompson said there are still legal muzzles that prevent industries like Hemp Health from discussing the medicinal properties of CBD, although it is now legal in all 50 states and in 42 countries.

Currently, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved two cannabinoid medications, while the informational pages of the National Cancer Institute about Cannabis and Cannabinoids cited several clinical and laboratory studies on the compound’s potentials in cancer treatments.

In spite the news, the medicinal qualities of CBD are still not clear to the general public, thus, Hemp Health has been committed to producing and advocating the use of pure CBD products, promoting their new line of CBD wellness supplements.

Corporate Name Alteration for Health Enhancement Products Under Process

Corporate Name Alteration for Health Enhancement Products Under Process

Keego Harbor, Michigan – Health Enhancement Products Incorporated a biotech firm from Michigan that investigates bioactive compounds that are extracted from culturing of algae, announce that they are in the process of a corporate name alteration.

Their new corporate identity will be ZIVO Bioscience Incorporated and will begin trading their new ticker symbol (ZIVO.QB) starting November 10 this year. The change will represent a new milestone in their two-plus transition to becoming a biotech business where their revenues are likely to be derived from partnership and licensing agreements.

The planned corporate name alteration was explained by Andrew Dahl, the company’s CEO, is both a practical and symbolic change. He added that it basically shows a clear break from the past which reflects their real efforts that lasted for 2 and a half years in trying to transform their company into a more viable R&D enterprise that boasts with great potential in medical and nutritional applications.

Corporate Name Alteration for Health Enhancement Products Under ProcessSince the beginning of the year 2012, the company had engaged in aggressive studies and validation programs that aim to prove the effectiveness of their natural products when it comes to various urgent care applications, like canine joint health and effectiveness, bovine udder health, and healthy cholesterol balance. Several studies already exited their pilot phases, and the Company is already looking to form a partnership with global companies in order to push their products forward further and supply every urgent care clinic with high quality products.

The corporate name alteration will not affect the company’s main goal of producing nutrition products and are ready to produce new protocols that are based on their developmental work with the collaboration of the Arizona Center for Algae Technology and Innovation, and the Provasoli-Guillard National Center for Marine Algae and Microbiota. Testing of such samples and production methods are needed for any product to be FDA registered.

The company aims to be able to provide all urgent care clinics and even individuals who are seeking urgent care near me with natural products that are proven to be very effective. The company is currently actively connecting with potential partners for production in order to develop better capacity and delivery.

Philip M. Rice II, the company’s Board Chair and CFO stated that their decision was based on market shares, margins, and revenues, and as they approach the time of executing licenses, the company hopes to provide more news on its progress. He added that they have deliberately held any announcements and expectations in check because they wanted to wait until they were 100% sure of going through with the corporate name alteration.

Weight Loss Surgeries Can Be More Beneficial to the Obese

Weight Loss Surgeries Can Be More Beneficial to the Obese

Weight loss surgeries can cause a lot more benefit to the obese because of the other medicines that have to be checked off the list.

Before, surgeries are not a favorable way to lose weight because of its “artificial” nature. As much as possible, health experts encourage healthy diet and exercise to get rid of the excess fats and avoid urgent care clinic visits.

Now, it might be a whole different story. It could be the better option, especially for those who are looking for a rather cheaper alternative.

Urgent care clinic near me may not be able to explain this but your pocket is happier after undergoing weight loss surgeries. Experts say that as much as 22.4 percent is deducted on your medicinal bills after the operations. They have given the surgery four years to take full effect. This means that it will give an answer not just for common diseases but to those with intense effects to the body, as well.

You will get rid of the maintenance for some chronic diseases in the long run. You might be able to completely get rid of higher hypertension and diabetes if everything goes well.

Maintenance pills, even if they cost cents right now, will have to hurt your wallet when they are accumulated. This goes the same for visits to urgent care near me. This means that you are already saving up for $40 in a month if you just make the right choice. Add the usual $10 that is allotted as co-pay. This is the part that you get from your insurance.

Weight Loss Surgeries Can Be More Beneficial to the ObeseThe research was thorough and very easy to follow. They have looked at the overweight long before and after the weight loss surgeries. They have tallied that those who are into surgery spend $3,098 for medicines. Meanwhile, $2,303 is allotted for those who are into the natural way of doing it. They even looked at their need for urgent care.

After the surgery, things have gone the opposite way. A total of $2,407 was spent on medicine for those who are still in the natural surgery. Meanwhile, only $2,209 was allotted for the medicinal expenses of those who have worked with the surgeries.

Weight loss surgeries may be overwhelming at first. However, it is never too late to examine your options and choose what will best work for you.

FSIS Confirms Staphylococcal Enterotoxin Contamination of Chicken Products

FSIS Confirms Staphylococcal Enterotoxin Contamination of Chicken Products

Washington, D.C. – Nearly 32,000 pounds of breaded chicken products are being recalled by Murry’s Inc., a Pennsylvania-based firm due to claims of Staphylococcal enterotoxin contamination, based on the announcement of the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) of the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA).

The breaded chicken products boasted its gluten-free benefits, along with August 9, 2015 as best by date, but still under recall because of contamination claims. The issue needed an urgent care and immediate attention, thus the products were subjected to recall.

Included in the products being recalled were 12-ounce boxes of Bell & Evans Gluten Free Breaded Chicken Breast Nuggets, and 10.5-ounce boxes of Gluten Free Breaded Chicken Breast. The recall was in accordance with the ‘P-516’ code under the USDA mark of inspection. A sort of an urgent care near me was implemented, considering the products shipped to retail stores nationwide.

The products suspicion of contamination was discovered by the Department of Agriculture of Colorado during a sampling program and retail survey, which was funded by the USDA for a Federal Emergency Response Network lab work. With the positive test result, the FSIS conducted some trackbacks.

Staphylococcal enterotoxin contamination is food poisoning, requiring an immediate visit to an urgent care clinic. The contamination affects the gastrointestinal organs, which is mainly caused by consuming food contaminated with toxic Staphylococcus aureus. It is a common bacterium usually found in the skin and noses of both healthy animals and humans. It also produces 7 different toxins, which lead to food poisoning.

FSIS Confirms Staphylococcal Enterotoxin Contamination of Chicken ProductsThe bacterium is fast-acting that causes illness within 30 minutes. Symptoms of Staphylococcal enterotoxin contamination usually manifest between one and six hours after consumption. Those contaminated experience either or combinations of vomiting, stomach cramps, nausea, and diarrhea, although it is normally mild, allowing patients to recover after a day or 3.

Health experts said Staphylococcal contamination can be prevented by employing urgent care clinics within the home such as keeping kitchens and other food-serving areas sanitized. Cold foods should be at 40 degrees Fahrenheit or under, while hot foods at 140 or over. Proper hand washing is also recommended, using soap and water before and after food handling.

So far, the company and the FSIS have not received any report of adverse effects due to the products, but anyone with concerns may contact their health care providers immediately. Aside from the Staphylococcal enterotoxin contamination survey, the FSIS also conducts other recall effectiveness checks, verifying other recalling companies to notify consumers and take necessary steps.

CO Health Officials: Ban Edible Marijuana Products

CO Health Officials: Ban Edible Marijuana Products

Colorado, USA – State health officials said edible marijuana products should be banned. These marijuana-containing products being marketed in the state include cookies, brownies, and candies.

Marijuana has been used in several products such as brownies, candies, and cookies, making it attractive not only to adults, but more so for children. The state officials saw this threat and called for an urgent care to address the alarming issue.

The state Department of Public Health and Environment, through a submission to the marijuana regulators said such edible marijuana products are attractive to children naturally, and they may most likely purchase such items anywhere. These products also infringe the state law’s requirement in preventing the marketing of marijuana items to children.

As a sort of an urgent care near me solution, the health department submitted a recommendation to the marijuana regulators on October 14. The recommendations sent to the regulators indicated that edible marijuana items should be limited in liquid forms or lozenges. By doing this, only adults can be aware of the content, and would most likely consume the product, instead of putting the children at risk.

The effects of excessive marijuana consumption, especially among children could lead to unfavorable health issues, thus, a visit to an urgent care clinic or emergency department could be necessary eventually. This is more so when children and their parents are unaware of the marijuana content in such edible products.

CO Health Officials: Ban Edible Marijuana ProductsHowever, the final ruling regarding the issue will be decided by the Marijuana Enforcement Division of the Department of Revenue. If the division coincides with the state health department, the majority of edible marijuana products will become unavailable in stores.

The Associated Press also reported that the marijuana industry has opposed the ban attempts because there are many edible marijuana items currently available in the state.

Some private individuals also agree with the health department’s decision and recommendations, as their children might be at risk of consuming marijuana products without their knowledge. Other agencies and urgent care clinics have also pointed out their comments about the issue, although not all agreed with the health department’s point of view.

Additionally, the marijuana regulators of Colorado have received different submissions regarding the matter. Hence, Smart Colorado, an advocacy group wanted the said items to be marked, colored, or stamped in order to indicate and to properly warn or inform consumers that the edible marijuana products being sold in stores contain the drug.

Health Products Marketer Banned by Iowan Judge

Health Products Marketer Banned by Iowan Judge

Des Moines, Iowa – The state Attorney General issued a news release, blocking a Las Vegas health products marketer.

On October 16, an Iowa judge barred a Las Vegas health products marketer from selling its products to Iowans. The news release was brought about by a complainant from Eastern Iowa. The woman said the health products company has charged her parents with more than $44K just for health supplements. The telemarketer also informed her parents the products will address a wide array of health issues.

The ruling was issued by Judge Robert Blink, a Polk County District Court attorney. Through a consent judgement, the permanent injunction was issued against the marketer Leading Health Source Inc. Additionally, the ruling named the company owners Doris and Tom Simon, Broc and Janelle Addis, representative Reed Seely, as well as the telemarketer Anthony Sherman. The consumer fraud lawsuit was filed on Wednesday.

Marketers via varieties of media, including some urgent care clinics, and other facilities have been advertising and marketing health products and other nutrition-related supplements. Many consumers have also been purchasing such products, considering these supplements as a sort of an urgent care near me in addressing their health issues.

Health Products Marketer Banned by Iowan JudgeAttorney General Tom Miller emphasized their demand from the company to pay back everything it owes to the Iowan couple, which was the condition of their settlement. Thus, the health products marketer meets the condition. Refunds and credit card charges reimbursements totaled to nearly $44,600. Miller also pointed out that the couple has been the only Iowans with such significant losses so far. However, in case other complainants come forward, the company should provide necessary refunds as well.

In relation to the Iowan case, a Palo woman was also discovered to have experienced the same thing. On April 3, a Palo woman intercepted a call between a telemarketer and her mother. The woman’s father had Alzheimer’s disease, while mother suffered from serious health problems. The woman discovered boxes of health supplements in her parents’ home in Cedar Rapids, appearing to be a small urgent care clinic due to the numerous boxes. Along with that, she found $44,000 credit card charges within 20 months.

Following the Iowan complaint, the woman filed her own formal complaint with the Consumer Protection Division of the Attorney General. She also voiced out her concerns through the Iowa Fraud Fighters, a statewide program that promote consumer protection awareness. Nick Gerhart, Iowa Insurance Commissioner and Tom Miller were speakers in the said event, emphasizing the importance of urgent care and treatment, but also the wariness of consumers while purchasing health products. It is always essential to ensure that a health products marketer and its transactions abide by legalities.

SurgeryPlus Benefit to Boost EmployerDirect Revenues

SurgeryPlus Benefit to Boost EmployerDirect Revenues

Austin, Texas – EmployerDirect launches SurgeryPlus benefit, a new health care product with the intention of widening its coverage base to 1.5 million consumers by 2015.

EmployerDirect is a health care firm based in Austin, providing innovative health care products to millions of consumers. Its introduction of SurgeryPlus benefit is expected to grow the company’s coverage base to 1.5 million consumers by 2015.

As a sort of an urgent care for its clients, the new health care product will tend to create bundled, pre-negotiated surgical procedure rates, including select minor outpatient procedures. The health care manager stated that the new product can lead to cost reduction between 30% and 50%.

The company Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Tom Johnston confidently said the new product will be attractive among employers, considering the cheaper surgery costs, which can generally reduce the overall health expenses by 6%. Physicians, surgery centers, and even urgent care clinics that provide surgical procedures who will partner with the company can tap into a new business channel through referral fees from EmployerDirect.

The company CEO emphasized the company’s narrow network, only allowing it to partner only with the highest quality health care providers, while preventing saturation within the area at the same time. He also pointed out that the benefits of the new product are unique.

SurgeryPlus Benefit to Boost EmployerDirect RevenuesTypically, member companies of EmployerDirect have 2,000 employees, although the largest could have almost 20,000. There have been no Austin-based companies that signed up, Johnston said, although some employees of its member companies reside within the area.

The CEO does not want to disclose any information about the company’s revenue, but confidently expects it could triple this year and in 2015. Aside from the potential of SurgeryPlus benefit in the company’s revenue growth, the enrollment of new company members will be the main reason for further revenue generation.

Industry estimates indicate that 150 million people will eventually be covered by employer-funded health care plans in order to obtain urgent care clinic and other health care services. This data will likewise provide greater opportunities for health care management companies like EmployerDirect.

As a sort of an urgent care near me solution, the company goes directly to different firms, reaching out to human resources and introducing the cost savings benefits of EmployerDirect’s products. The CEO also said the 150 million individuals is not a large number to reach, but getting to at least 1% of it will be a lot of business, and the company’s new SurgeryPlus benefit will greatly affect both the education and health care industries.