SurgeryPlus Benefit to Boost EmployerDirect Revenues

SurgeryPlus Benefit to Boost EmployerDirect Revenues

Austin, Texas – EmployerDirect launches SurgeryPlus benefit, a new health care product with the intention of widening its coverage base to 1.5 million consumers by 2015.

EmployerDirect is a health care firm based in Austin, providing innovative health care products to millions of consumers. Its introduction of SurgeryPlus benefit is expected to grow the company’s coverage base to 1.5 million consumers by 2015.

As a sort of an urgent care for its clients, the new health care product will tend to create bundled, pre-negotiated surgical procedure rates, including select minor outpatient procedures. The health care manager stated that the new product can lead to cost reduction between 30% and 50%.

The company Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Tom Johnston confidently said the new product will be attractive among employers, considering the cheaper surgery costs, which can generally reduce the overall health expenses by 6%. Physicians, surgery centers, and even urgent care clinics that provide surgical procedures who will partner with the company can tap into a new business channel through referral fees from EmployerDirect.

The company CEO emphasized the company’s narrow network, only allowing it to partner only with the highest quality health care providers, while preventing saturation within the area at the same time. He also pointed out that the benefits of the new product are unique.

SurgeryPlus Benefit to Boost EmployerDirect RevenuesTypically, member companies of EmployerDirect have 2,000 employees, although the largest could have almost 20,000. There have been no Austin-based companies that signed up, Johnston said, although some employees of its member companies reside within the area.

The CEO does not want to disclose any information about the company’s revenue, but confidently expects it could triple this year and in 2015. Aside from the potential of SurgeryPlus benefit in the company’s revenue growth, the enrollment of new company members will be the main reason for further revenue generation.

Industry estimates indicate that 150 million people will eventually be covered by employer-funded health care plans in order to obtain urgent care clinic and other health care services. This data will likewise provide greater opportunities for health care management companies like EmployerDirect.

As a sort of an urgent care near me solution, the company goes directly to different firms, reaching out to human resources and introducing the cost savings benefits of EmployerDirect’s products. The CEO also said the 150 million individuals is not a large number to reach, but getting to at least 1% of it will be a lot of business, and the company’s new SurgeryPlus benefit will greatly affect both the education and health care industries.

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