Health Data Can Be a Source of Money According to Google Fit

Health Data Can Be a Source of Money According to Google Fit

In this time and age, Google says that a person’s health data can potentially be a source of income through Google Fit.

There are still loads of moral dilemmas in this proposal. However, it will not be impossible if the massive company gets a yes from the health administrators of the country. Right now, Google Fit is just looking out to gather health data from different people.

This collection of data will definitely be good for the consumers to cross-reference their health to others. This means that there could be a lesser need for urgent care. Having information alone can already solve problems.

Full Control Over Fitness Activity Is Key

Health Data Can Be a Source of Money According to Google FitGoogle believes that giving the freedom to consumers is always the key to make sure that this idea is going to happen. They will have to be very vigilant with the health data that they post on the platform. They can easily delete the fitness activity and it will be gone forever.

The company will be working with different marketing strategies to make up for their efforts in building the platform. It is going to be lucrative for them but not for the public.

The public should have a clear idea on this before they venture into anything related to the product. Even the smallest detail on their urgent care clinic visit will show. Google must do something to make sure that everybody is aware where their information goes.

How Is Google Going to Hit Big with the Google Fit

Health data has a lot of potential in the market. Google is not the only one eyeing to earn millions out of it. Apple is also a good contender. However, Google already has more experience when it comes to advertising.

They will be getting profits from advertisements for different illnesses. Among their highest contributors are diabetes ads. A lot of hospitals, insurance companies, pharmacies, or any other institution related to health will find this very convenient. Even urgent care clinics can post their ads. Any participant will be welcome for Google.

The company needs all the help it can get from urgent care near me. People who are using their desktops and their search engine are already decreasing. This could be their way to catch up in the profit sheets.

Surely, years ago, nobody ever thought that the personal health data will be a source of income. Do you think the moral issues will be settled in this case? Will Google succeed?

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