What is Urgent Care & UrgentCare.com?

Historically, Urgent Care (Urgentcare) clinics would treat acute illnesses and injuries that are not serious enough to require a visit to an Emergency Room. Since Covid-19 (Corona Virus) has now become a devastating threat to the health and wellness of millions across the globe, many individuals are now seeking the assistance of Urgent Care centers to diagnose symptoms that may point to Covid-19. Doctors and hospitals are also urging people to use Urgent Care centers to treat medical issues that would otherwise be addressed by hospitals and Emergency Rooms so as to keep waiting rooms and hospital beds clear for Covid-19-related cases.

Moving forward, UrgentCare.com will post informational articles, as well as provide direct access to different healthcare services and professionals that can provide Covid-19, also known as Corona Virus, assistance. This will be through urgent care clinics, as well as through tele-med services.

UrgentCare.com Urgent Care centers typically help treat a wide range of conditions including infections, allergies, skin conditions, cold and flu symptoms, minor injuries and wounds, and strep throat. The medical staff and doctors supporting Urgent Care centers can typically provide information and guidance on almost any number of common concerns.

You can use our national directory to find the location of your local Urgent Care center of choice, as well as the contact information and hours of operation for that facility. While we do our best to maintain the most accurate information for all facilities, due to these extraordinary circumstances, UrgentCare.com advises that an individual call their selected Urgent Care center before traveling to the center to ensure that they have not changed their hours of operation and have the ability to see patients for the medical treatment sought.

UrgentCare.com is one of the oldest online Urgent Care directories and has been in operation for almost ten years. It was acquired in 2014 by two healthcare / health insurance professionals, who after its acquisition, made the decision to make UrgentCare.com a free directory for Urgent Care facilities to obtain basic listings to help make their services more visible to consumers in their local community. For more information regarding our story, please see the About Us section within the website. In addition to this website being a free resource for consumers seeking assistance, UrgentCare.com also operates a social media presence on Twitter. You can find the UrgentCare.com Twitter account by going to the Twitter.com/Urgentcare link in your Internet browser.

Below is some additional information that may be helpful to anyone who is either without health insurance coverage or considers their coverage to be inadequate to their specific needs.

Health Insurance Coverage & Urgent Care - Updated For 2020 (Covid-19 - Corona Virus)

If you currently have a health insurance policy with a high deductible that doesn't cover any benefits until the deductible is met or if you are uninsured because you missed the Open Enrollment Period, or simply couldn’t afford the plans that were available to you, UrgentCare.com can possibly be of assistance.

UrgentCare.com has partnered with Health Network Group, LLC to provide its visitors with access to health insurance professionals for both the under 65 major medical group (individuals under the age of 65 years old) as well as seniors who are 65 years old and older. One of the more challenging obstacles that individuals in the United States face on a daily basis is determining whether the website they are visiting to obtain quotes and information, or even the individual they are speaking with over the phone, can be trusted. This is in large part due to the fact that misinformation can travel far and wide, very quickly, specifically on the internet. And despite being nearly three decades old, the Internet is still mostly unregulated.

Health Network Group is a trusted entity and is associated with the owners of UrgentCare.com. If you are currently uninsured or do not have adequate coverage and have questions, please call the phone number listed below to connect with a highly vetted, and most importantly, licensed health insurance or Medicare professional.

If you are currently insured and have questions about whether your coverage will cover medical assistance from an Urgent Care center, please contact the phone number on the back of your insurance card to speak directly to your health insurance carrier.

Call 1-888-638-5179

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